How to kill rat with salt and detergent

Rats are generally destructive pests in both residential and commercial properties. Health-wise, their presence can lead to food-borne illnesses in homes and negatively impact operating costs, brand reputation, and revenue (in businesses). However, with just salt and detergent, you can get rid of them. So, in this guide, you will learn how to kill rat with salt and detergent.

We can’t deny the adverse effects of rat infestations on both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, you need to eliminate them to keep your property safe. If you decide to be more humane, I recommend you set up professional homemade bucket traps.

How rats entered your property in the first place

You already know that rats are formidable pests that can cause damage, contaminate food, destroy structures, and negatively impact human health. Although rats are not often seen, their presence can be easily detected through signs such as burrows in fields, gardens, woodpiles, trash, and beneath building foundations.

In some cases, rats line their nests with shredded cloth, paper, and other fibrous materials.

Black rats or roof rats are excellent climbers and often nest above ground. They can also reside in

  • trees
  • shrubs
  • dense vegetation and
  • elevated, secure places such as ceilings, cabinets, Sheetrock, walls, and attics

Rats easily enter homes and businesses through trees near eaves and windows. Also, they are capable of compressing their bodies to fit through small openings and can even squeeze through spaces that are only half an inch in diameter. Experts say that a rat can get through a 20 mm hole.

How to kill rat with salt and detergent

How to kill rat with salt and detergent

There are numerous rat control products available on the market, ranging from those that kill rats to those that merely trap them. With household remedies like salt and detergent, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to rid your home or business of rats. Note that salt and detergent rat poison is strictly based on popular opinion and not factually proven.

Below is how you kill rat with salt and detergent:

1. Kill rats with salt

Salt is toxic to rats and not so widely used for killing them. A mixture of salt and detergent applied to an attractant food of choice can be an effective way to eliminate rats. Place the mixture in areas where you suspect rat activity, such as in your cupboards.

Rats are attracted to food, including salt, but consuming excessive amounts can be fatal.

Many people who prefer natural solutions have used salt or detergent to kill rats, with success. The salt quickly proves lethal when placed in areas with high rat populations.

2. Kill rats with detergent

You can also use laundry detergent to kill rats. Here are the steps to follow to utilize detergent in eliminating rats and safeguarding your property:

Step 1

Fill an empty gallon with at least 1/4 cup of laundry detergent to act as an adhesive and thickening agent to keep the mixture in place when sprayed.

Step 2

You may also choose to include hot sauce and Tabasco peppers in the container.

Step 3

Fill the jug with water and immediately secure the lid after finishing. Vigorously shake the jug to ensure that the contents are thoroughly blended.

Step 4

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Step 5

Apply the spray around the edges of your home or any location where rat sightings have been reported.

Adhering to these steps will eliminate rats from your property. However, if using salt or detergent to kill rats is not successful, it is recommended to seek assistance from professionals.

3. Eliminate rats with salt and detergent mixture

According to popular opinion and unverified claims, to kill rats, you can mix salt with cheese, detergents, rat chow, milk, chocolate, or other sugary foods. However, water should be kept away when offering rats salt as bait.

Using salt as bait has several advantages, including being cost-effective, able to trick rats into eating poison, and less harmful to pets than other poisons. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to using salt as bait. It may not be effective on a large number of rats, its effectiveness may be diminished if water is available around the bait, and it may take much longer to kill rats than poison.

The methods above may not work if you have a high infestation.

Keeping rats at bay

If you can’t kill rat with salt and detergent, consider these other methods to either expel or deter them from your warehouses, offices, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels, etc.

1. Block tiny holes

As mentioned earlier, rats will fit into a 20 mm hole. So, you want to seal off entry points. You can plug the holes with medium-grade steel wool.

2. Discourage rat presence

Limit access to food and water supplies to reduce the rat population.

Rats require a constant source of water, even though they only consume around 15 to 60 ml daily. They will eat anything readily available to them.

To prevent rat infestations, there are several practical steps you can take, such as:

  • Store food in containers with secure lids.
  • Maintain a clean home, including the yard, as less clutter means fewer hiding places for rats.
  • Keep the property free of debris and avoid organic waste in compost piles, which can attract rats.

3. Try alternative rat control methods

Alternative rat control methods include setting up live or snap traps. Also, having natural predators like cats or birds of prey around can help to control rat populations.

Some people also claim that ultrasonic devices can repel rats, but there is limited evidence to support this claim. However, it seems like a method that will work because the high-frequency sound waves they emit are unpleasant for rats and cause them to leave the area. These devices work by emitting a sound wave that is above the range of human hearing, typically around 20-60 kHz, which is in the range that rats can hear.

Call your local pest control company

While you can kill rat with salt and detergent, no guarantees of a permanent solution. So, if you have evidence of rat activity, such as droppings, contact a reputable pest control company to inspect the situation and provide a suitable solution.

Rats are known for their social behavior and tend to reside in communities. Solving a rat infestation issue by merely removing one rat is not enough. With pest control experts, expect customized rat control plans tailored to address your specific rat problem.

If you are facing a severe rat issue at your home or business, do not hesitate to reach out to experts to efficiently handle the rat problem on your property.

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